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Academic Qualification Check

Academic Qualification Checks are useful to validate the qualifications potential employees list, as well as confirming potential exaggerations like honours and date of graduation, so you can have peace of mind when hiring new additions.

AFP Australian Federal Police Check

An Australian Federal Police (AFP) Check is the most authoritative and secure type of police check in Australia and is the only police check accepted by the Australian Departments of Home Affairs and Immigration for migration purposes.

Anti Money Laundering Check

Utilising Global Checks’ network of databases, an Anti Money Laundering Check will scan sanctions and watchlists across the globe, effectively identifying high-risk individuals.

ASIC Personal Extract Check

An ASIC Personal Extract Check utilises data from the Australia Securities and Investments Commission and allows you to check professional relationships and roles that individual has had, the date commenced, and date ceased if relevant.

Bankruptcy & Insolvency Check

Utilise a Bankruptcy & Insolvency Check to access the data held by the Australian Financial Security Authority to ensure potential clients or business partners are credit-worthy and haven’t claimed bankruptcy in the past.

Credit Check

Undertake a Credit Check to understand your credit score when applying for finance, planning your financial growth or entering into business deals or partnerships with a party whose personal or business history you aren’t familiar with.

PEP & Sanctions Check

It's important to have complete confidence in the people you choose to engage in business with. Our screening will mitigate risk by identifying high-risk persons and entities posing a risk to your organisation.

VEVO Check

A VEVO Check is an easy way to ensure your potential employees are eligible to work in Australia and are the right fit for your business. By getting a VEVO Check, you can be confident that you’re making good legal and business decisions when hiring.