Why Should I Conduct Police Checks On My Employee Candidates?

Thoroughly vetting applicants is an important step in the recruitment process.

To ensure the smooth operation of any business, a police check is a common aspect of recruitment that can greatly help in assessing applicants. By conducting a police check, employers can have complete confidence in their job candidate’s identity, capabilities, and personality.

Here are the top six reasons why you should conduct police checks for applicants during the recruitment phase.

Why You Should Conduct Police Checks On Your Employee Candidates

1. Protect Company Culture

The carefully-nurtured company culture that you’ve developed is a crucial part of what sets your business apart! Show existing employees that you truly care about the balance and dynamics of the team by completing police checks of all potential employees.

2. Guard Company Data & Assets

Many companies go to great lengths to protect the sensitive data they gather, whether financial, personal, or political. If your business keeps client data, it’s imperative that you screen the employees who will have access to it with a thorough, authentic police check.

3. Preserve Compliance

Certain industries require strict compliance procedures, including police checks. Ensure you’re meeting minimum requirements by taking accountability for police checks being completed for all employees, existing and new.

4. Attract (& Retain) Top Talent

Sometimes choosing from a pool of eager applicants comes down to the smallest details. To ensure you’re selecting the right candidate, a police check can give you the peace of mind that you’re making the right decision.

5. Save Money

While it might seem like an unnecessary upfront cost, having police checks completed by a reputable company can save you in the long run. The cost of training, onboarding, advertising for, and interviewing new employees is immense, so make sure you get it right the first time by completing a comprehensive police check.

6. Maintain Company Reputation

After working hard to establish your company’s reputation, it’s important to select employees who will maintain, uphold, and even improve the expected standards. Police checks for business are a simple and effective way to ensure your company’s reputation is understood and embodied by potential employees.

Introduce Police Checks To Your Recruitment Process

Finalising your recruitment process with police checks is a smart, cost-effective move to ensure you’re entirely confident in your hiring decision.

A partnership with an accredited company like Global Police Checks can streamline the police checks process, and leave you with complete confidence in your new employees.

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