6 Reasons Why Your Business Should Organise Police Checks - Not Your Employees

Reputable businesses are now completing police checks on their job applicants to be more time-efficient and ensure authenticity.

While it’s common to leave police checks to applicants to complete and provide, it’s now becoming popular for reputable businesses to complete police checks themselves.

Completing a corporate police check yourself ensures authenticity, and is more time efficient than waiting on individual applicants to receive their completed checks.

Global Police Checks’ corporate partner portal makes police checks for business simple and cost-effective.

Why Your Business Should Organise Police Checks

1. Ensure police checks are from a reputable and accredited company

The only way to ensure the police checks that applicants provide are authentic is to have them completed yourself. Arranging police checks for business purposes through a verified company gives you complete confidence in the information provided.


2. Guarantee your employees are getting the same police check

Did you know that not all police checks are the same? Police checks for business purposes should be undertaken by the same company, and should be to the standard of an Australian Federal Police Check. While many companies offers National Police Checks, the comprehensive Australian Federal Police Checks are better suited to business requirements.

To ensure a fair recruitment process, businesses should conduct police checks with a singular police checks company, so results can easily be compared and assessed.


3. Eliminate fraudulent police checks

Sourcing police checks yourself, rather than leaving it to applicants to provide, is the easiest way to ensure authenticity.

There are several measures and standards to indicate the authenticity of police checks for business, all of which can be met by a reputable police checks company.

While having incidents recorded on a police check might not be the end of an applicant’s recruitment process, it’s important that all relevant information is provided in a legitimate police check.

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4. Maintain consitency in reporting procedure

It can be difficult to compare and process the results from various police check providers. Completing police checks for potential employees yourself means results will be presented consistently, and correct handling and delivery of police checks can be ensured.


5. Streamline the recruitment process

Some businesses experience a high turnover of staff, have frequent hiring protocols, or can simply be in a rush to select the right candidate. When you need police checks at short notice, the best police checks business solution is to arrange them yourself, rather than waiting on applicants to receive and provide their checks.


6. Show candidates police checks are not just a tick box measure

Placing an emphasis on the importance of completing police checks sends a clear message regarding the transparency, standards, and accountability of your business. Showing the initiative of completing police checks yourself lets new employees know that you’re serious about a ship-shape workplace.

Ready to Take Control of the Police Checks for Your Organisation?

If you require police checks as part of your recruitment process, consider partnering with an accredited company like Global Police Checks. Taking the responsibility of police checks from applicants ensures the provision of timely, cost-effective, and authentic police checks.

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