Help & Tutorials

On this page, you will find helpful tutorials and tips for using the Global Checks website.

How to Send a Check Request (Organisations Only)

Step 1

Click the ‘SEND REQUEST’ button at the top right of screen

Step 2

Enter your details or the details of the person who is requesting the check

Step 3

Enter the organisation details you were provided in your welcome email

Step 5

Enter the details of the person you would like to complete the check application

Step 6

Select the bundle you wish the applicant to complete and click ‘SUBMIT REQUEST’

How to Complete an Application

Getting Started

Click the ‘ORGANISATION’ link at the top right of your screen (Organisations Only)

Anyone else, click the ‘GET STARTED’ link

Step 1

Enter the Organisation name and code that was assigned to your organisation (Organisations Only)

Step 2

Select the application types that you would like to complete

Step 3

Work your way through the questions that appear on the application

Step 4

When you have completed the questions, click ‘SUBMIT APPLICATION’