How To Be Fully Prepared To Submit Your Police Check Application

Here’s everything you need to know in order to prepare for and complete your police check application.

Whether you’ve been asked to obtain a police check for a new job, work placement, volunteer position or to simply remain compliant in your profession – here’s everything you need to know in order to prepare for and complete your police check application.

What information do I need to provide on my application?

In order to successfully complete your police check application, you will need to provide your personal information, identity documentation and informed consent.

Informed consent simply means that you understand and agree to your personal information being submitted for the police check, with the use and disclosure of any national policing information applicable to you.


What are the minimum ‘Proof of Identity’ documents I need?

A minimum of 100 points of identification must be provided when completing the online application form. At least one primary document must be submitted from the following options:

  • Foreign Passport (current)
  • Australian Passport (current or expired last 2 years but not cancelled)
  • Australian Citizenship Certificate
  • Full Birth Certificate (not extract)
  • Certificate of Identity issued by the Australian Government to refugees and Non-Australian citizens for entry to Australia
  • Australian Driver License / Learner’s Permit
  • Current (Australian) Tertiary Student Identification Card
  • Photo Identification Card issued for Australian regulatory purposes (e.g. Aviation / Maritime Security Identification, Security Industry, etc.)
  • Government Employee ID (Australian Federal / State / Territory)
  • Defense Force Identity Card (with photo or signature)

The documents must be current, with your name and date of birth matching the details entered in your police check application. Evidence of your full name, date of birth and photograph must be shown across the uploaded documents.

Documents in a language other than English must be accompanied by an official translation. Documents do not need to be certified unless a translation is being provided or you are supplying power of attorney.

For the full list of accepted identification documents, please click here.

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What if I’ve changed my name?

If identity documents display a name you have since legally changed (e.g. birth certificate in maiden name and driver’s license in married name), evidence of the name change must be provided. Evidence can be provided in the form of a Change of Name Certificate issued by the Australian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages or an Australian marriage certificate issued by a state or territory. If a Change of Name document is provided, you must list your other names in the ‘Previous/Other Names’ section of the application form.

It is important to note that these documents DO NOT count towards 100 points of ID.


What if I’m unable to meet the minimum identity requirements?

If you are unable to provide or acquire the necessary evidence needed to identify yourself based on the minimum requirements, the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission has an exceptional circumstances approach.

This approach allows you to use special provisions to verify your identity. Please contact Global Checks for further assistance with the special provisions avenue for proof of identity.


How do I know the purpose of my police check?

If you are asked to undertake a police check, most employers or organisations provide their required purpose codes. If you weren’t provided with a purpose code, this is not an issue. Most online police check applications include short descriptions of the purpose codes, making it easy to determine which purpose best suits your application.


What is an ASIO Check and do I need one?

An ASIO Check is an Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ASIO) security assessment relating to politically motivated violence. This certificate is sought by people either employed or seeking employment with companies or other employers who are licensed to access security sensitive Ammonium Nitrate – such as mining companies or agriculture, and it is only necessary if required by law.

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